SDES Data Protocol

The Office of Student Success (OSS) provides divisional data management and support for Student Development and Enrollment Services.

All data requests, including report refreshes, will be directed to Institutional Knowledge Management (IKM) via their data request form. OSS and IKM have worked out an internal protocol where OSS will be notified of SDES data requests and the final reports. OSS should be notified (copied on emails) of any emergency data requests coming from the SDES Senior
Leadership Team. All other requests need to be submitted to IKM following their data request procedures.

Assistance from the Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success encourages any new data requests or changes to existing reports to be first brought to the attention of OSS. It is the goal of OSS to work with SDES departments to build reports that will be meaningful, concise and will deliver exactly what is needed.

  • OSS may already have data available in our report library that can assist with your project or question.
  • Your request may be as simple as pulling data from the Pegasus Mine Portal.
  • OSS can provide suggestions about additional features in other report types that may expand or consolidate your reports to meet your needs.
  • OSS can help summarize the data or provide feedback when requested.