Think Advising

Visit your academic advisor to stay on track. Your academic advisor can help you reach your goals by developing an individualized plan that will work best for your major, skills and interests.

Your Academic Advisor is here to help!

  • Seek advising on a regular basis- at least once per semester.
  • Come to your advising sessions prepared. Create an agenda of items you would like to discuss and questions you need answered. Seek clarification if you do not understand something!
  • Be honest with your academic advisor about your course progress. They can refer you to resources and discuss if academic policies can help you.
  • Unsure about your major? Are you a declared major but have no idea what career you would go into? Your academic advisor is a key first step in the major and career exploration process. They can also recommend how Career Services can assist with the exploration process and planning for your career ahead.
  • Discuss your career and personal goals. The more you share, the better an advisor can connect you to campus resources and opportunities.
  • Develop a 4-year plan. Some courses will require prerequisites. Other courses are only offered certain semesters. Mapping this out will allow you to be intentional with your course scheduling. This will help you to see the bigger picture and hold you accountable for your goal of graduation!
  • Utilize your degree audit on myUCF. This tool helps you understand degree requirements and track your progress towards graduation.
  • Consider if summer term, transient course work or CLEP should be part of your graduation plan.
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