Why Think30?

Think 30 to Graduate

Students who complete 30 credit hours or more in their first year of college are more likely to graduate than those who don’t.

National Graduation Rates Credit Hour Completion in the First Year
79% 30+ credits
69% 24-29.9 credits
37% 12-23.9 credits

Think 30 to Graduate on Time

College students in America are not graduating on time. Only 19% will complete a degree at a 4-year (non-flagship) institution within 4 years (36% for flagship institutions).

College students who successfully graduate in 4 years completed an average of 29.8 credit hours in their first year.

On average, full-time college students in the state of Florida are taking 140 credit hours to complete a 120 credit hour degree.

Think 30 to Save Money

Each additional year of college beyond four years means an average of $48,000 in lost wages– not to mention the additional costs of attendance.

In 2013, the average student loan debt of a college graduate was $28,400. UCF graduates fared slightly better at an average student loan debt of $23,186. (The Institute for College Access and Success)

In the state of Florida, taking additional credit hours that are unnecessary for your degree can result in an Excess Hours surcharge, doubling the cost of tuition.

Think 30 for the Future

By 2020, it is estimated that over 60% of jobs will require a career certificate or college degree. However, only 35% of Florida adults currently have an associate degree or higher.

Source: Complete College America, 2013
Learn more by visiting the Complete College America website.